Newest Shots of Christina

Christina is avaliable for call back sessions and has her own stock library.

All photos from this session are available for use on Cover Me Covers. If you are interested in an image from this shoot, or would like to view the whole session, email me at, or fill out the interest form on the Contact page.

*COVER REVEAL* “The Holding On Series” by Rachael Brownell


“The Holding On Series” by Rachael Brownell

Model: Hailey





Meet Shannon! 

Shannon is available for callbacks

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Coming Home Template – $85
Models: Jen & Dave

*COVER REVEAL* “Fragile Bonds” by Sloan Johnson

Fragile Bonds by Sloan Johnson

Model: Dave

*COVER REVEAL* “Stripped From You” by Marissa Carmel

“Stripped From You” by Marissa Carmel
Model: Matt

*COVER MODEL PREVIEW* Model : Matt : Business Casual Set

These photos and more from this set are now available for your cover!

*COVER REVEAL* “Strip Me Bare” by Marissa Carmel

*COVER MODEL PREVIEWS* Ali : Variety Session

Photos from this session are up for grabs! If you’re interested in a photo from here, for your cover, please contact me! 

This was an ALL DAY shoot with Ali, so there are a LOT of photos not being shown. If you like the look of one, and want to see more, feel free to ask! 

*COVER MODEL PREVIEWS* Jen & Dave : Author Requested

The photos in this set are on a temporary hold. Please check back on the Cover Me, Darling facebook page to check the status of these photos.

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