*NaNoWriMo* $99.00 Ebook Special!

I am running a $99.00 Ebook Special for the months of November and December, to go along with NaNoWriMo!

Package includes:
*Ebook cover
*3D Render
*Facebook Banner
*Facebook Profile Picture

*MUST be booked in November or December, MUST be a NaNoWriMo Participant*

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 1.54.55 PM

*STOCK SESSION* Haley with Garrett! – Photos Available


Photos from this session are available as stock! Haley is available for callbacks for a custom session, and Garrett is currently available to also shoot with Haley!


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10608558_734391273276085_2523592684219809607_o 10629345_734412643273948_115409301213685406_o

10661820_734866196561926_970243204488492563_o 10661838_734408463274366_5800182200141803821_o

10668852_734288383286374_9016989050511096917_o 10668886_734875403227672_1269744066275208515_o

10694451_734288739953005_6887195998013082457_o 10708618_734415753273637_2192040504424289975_o

10708718_734395249942354_3431578268495875572_o-1 10708718_734395249942354_3431578268495875572_o


*NEW MODELS* Meet Jennifer and Brandon! – Photos Available

Meet newest Cover Me Couple, Jennifer and Brandon! They are both available for call-backs for a custom shoot, either individually, or as a couple!


906700_738375189544360_5244922774102724598_o 10001105_738381882877024_6541998866080842381_o

10256913_738822519499627_6676471508917412324_o  10524749_738823632832849_8055019543036855050_o

10604509_739166879465191_7105354525390810553_o 10604701_738826852832527_5274078810326315172_o

10629493_739166956131850_4044689066682715068_o 10658934_738825106166035_2642388211266658042_o

10662090_738828789499000_1561396553517990009_o 10668861_738380422877170_15144793252198083_o

10669362_739166802798532_6357458390269112901_o 10679930_738820342833178_7785280217751502266_o

10688035_738372226211323_6082011178801142189_o 10688344_738830929498786_8298988635094415422_o

10703938_738377359544143_397197414346184798_o 10704395_738378546210691_542098116539618856_o

*NEW MODEL* Meet Hailey! : Photos Available

Meet New Cover Me Model, Hailey! She is available for call-backs with a custom session as well!


10713994_732497153465497_4195854959696565776_o 10708683_731483156900230_7936017020931977181_o

10703621_731488410233038_5421233405668350818_n 10659452_732519443463268_4147206396811183225_n

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10599676_731485603566652_1716565392853076768_n 10599542_731127606935785_1939831610763990544_n

10153078_732410840140795_1653769784613208290_n 1941428_731480890233790_3871804342592784146_o



*COVER REVEAL* “Forgiven” by Nicky Jayne

“Forgiven” by Nicky Jayne Author

Photo by : Micah D Leigh Photography

Model : Mike Gunn

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.09.36 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.09.50 PM

*COVER REVEAL* “Satisfaction” by KM Scott

“Satisfaction” by KM Scott

Photo by : Michael Meadows Studio


Speaking Event Amazingness

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to speak about the Cover Design process, at the Mint Hill Public Library in Charlotte, NC. It was amazing! I had a complete blast getting to meet with the group, and discuss the benefits of a professional cover designer. It turned into a large group discussion about art, photography, writing, and design, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with how it all went.

Thank you to all who came, and a special thank you to the Mint Hill Public Library for having me! I can not wait to do something like this again!

If you are local to the Charlotte, NC area, and are interested in booking Cover Me, Darling for a speaking event, please contact me at CoverMeDarling@yahoo.com.


*NEW PREMADE OPTION* 3 book series!!

“The Love Series” Premade set is now available for purchase!
This premade set is priced at $475 (a $600 value)
Please email CoverMeDarling@yahoo.com if you are interested!


This coming Wednesday, I will be speaking at a local library about the Cover Design process! 
If you live locally, please call the library and sign up for the seminar! 

*COVER REVEAL* “Shattered Lives” by Alexis Noelle

Cover Reveal
“Shattered Lives” by Alexis Noelle
Photo: Stock
Full Wrap to come!