“Who We Are” & “Who We Were”  :   $150 for the set
Models: Matthew Todd & Trazia

*COVER REVEAL* “The List” by Chris Bell & Felicia Lynn

“The List” by Chris Bell & Felicia Lynn
Model: Matthew Todd

*COVER REVEAL* The Club X Series (Trilogy) by K. M. Scott

“Temptation” (Club X #1) by K. M Scott
Model: Matt

“Surrender” (Club X #2) by K. M. Scott
Model: Stock

“Possession” (Club X #3) by K. M. Scott
Model: Stock

*COVER REVEAL* “Stripped From You” by Marissa Carmel

“Stripped From You” by Marissa Carmel
Model: Matt

*COVER MODEL PREVIEW* Model : Matt : Business Casual Set

These photos and more from this set are now available for your cover!

*COVER REVEAL* “Strip Me Bare” by Marissa Carmel

*COVER MODEL PREVIEW* Model : Matt : Author Requested

The photos in this set are on a temporary hold. Please check back on the Cover Me, Darling facebook page to check the status of these photos.

If you are interested in a photo from this set, please send me a message, and I will let you know if/when it becomes available.

*Dogs. Love. Cameras*

Dogs. Love. Cameras. No really, it’s a proven fact. They do, take my word for it. And the camera loves them right back, a WHOLE lot. (Total dog person, right here, can you tell?)

No fail, every photo session that I have done, has gotten photobombed…. by a dog. (Ya know, just to further prove my point that dogs love cameras..)

So I’ve started to embrace this. I may even start a new line of models… The Dogs of Cover Me.

Here are my latest two photobombing furballs. Matt and My fur-baby up on the top, and Ali’s fur-baby on the bottom!