It started with a Kitchen.


Once upon a time.. this was my office. It was also my “studio” space. That’s right.. you’re looking at my kitchen.

This came up in my time hop today, and I smirked, giggled, and then had flashbacks of having to move that table out of the way, and into the living room, every time I wanted to shoot. I remembered how uncomfortable it was to sit on that effin stool to edit photos for 4 hours straight. I laughed at the ridiculous stuff I put my models through.. “here, lay on this hard, uncomfortable, cold floor, and pretend its a bed” (WHAT? I know..)

This picture was from 5 years ago. Our best friend, Anthony, was living with us, Little Butt was only 2, and my “office” was the kitchen. At this point I was just freelancing with random companies. I was shooting family photos, newborns, and weddings. Cover Me Darling wasn’t born until 2 and a half years later.

By the time Cover Me Darling was a thing, Anthony had moved out, and his room was converted back into an office space for me. But I was still doing photoshoots in my kitchen. In my defense.. the light in there is AMAZING. My cupcake shots? Done in my kitchen. All of Emma Nichols object covers? Kitchen. Newborn sessions? I might actually consider still doing them in my kitchen too. I really REALLY love that light.

After a few months when I realized Cover Me Darling would STAY a thing, I painted the office, and turned that space into a studio as well. I loved it, but about 6 months ago, we realized our little guy was outgrowing his room (my studio was the bigger bedroom), so we decided to move him into my studio, and make his room a playroom.

So my computer got moved into my husbands office (our converted garage), and we begrudgingly started sharing an office space. My studio? Back to the kitchen (and sometimes the living room).

I was frustrated. I got used to having my own space, used to having my own equipment closet. Used to having my music, my decor, my spot. But little man was happy, and that’s what mattered. So long as Matt and I managed to not kill eachother working back to back every night..

Flash forward to a couple of months ago. My oh so absolutely amazing parents, saw my frustrations, and made the suggestion that I take over the upstairs at their house. They hardly ever use the area up there, and it was a perfect option that I had never even thought to consider. You’ve all seen the pictures of my current space. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, it has AMAZING light, and closet space, sitting room, and everything that I could ever need for my photoshoots. It was a godsend, and I love it up there more and more every time I shoot.

So what’s my point with all of this?

It started with a kitchen, a canon rebel, and authors and models who took a chance on me.

Do I look back at some of my earlier photos, and premade covers, and cringe? Yes. Oh god yes. But that’s how I know I’m growing. How I’m becoming everything that I’ve always wanted to be. I’m sure I’ll look back in a couple of years on some of the stuff I’m doing now and think, “WHAT was I thinking??”, but really, what artist DOESN’T do that?

So thank you, to everyone here. To everyone who supported me along the way. To everyone who took a chance on me. And to everyone who helped me get HERE. ESPECIALLY my family for helping to make my dream job a reality. Even when it means late nights fighting over music in an office with my husbutt, or invading an entire floor of your house (thank you, parents), or “quality” time revolving around me having a camera in my hand (little man).

Thank you.